Cloud-based Collaboration & Content Management for Teachers and Students

Gain new flexibility to design interactive, engaging lessons easily and quickly.

Why LiberCloud?

LiberCloud’s goal is to improve the education of all students by helping teachers become more effective. It achieves this with a new kind of content management and collaboration platform that allows teachers to create, share, re-use, and adapt each other’s teaching materials while also allowing students to contribute and participate online.

LiberCloud is the ONLY solution on the market that gives teachers more control over their lesson plans, with flexibility to leverage the latest technology to make them interactive and engaging. LiberCloud’s unique and modular content management approach gives teachers flexibility to design structured coursework as well as impromptu material, unlike the traditional top-down courseware-based approach.

Whether you are a teacher wanting more control of your content and a richer communication experience with students, or a school administrator wanting to solve this problem organization-wide while meeting the Common Core standards requirements, LiberCloud is the most flexible and easiest solution to help you.

You will be thrilled with all you can do with LiberCloud and how easy it is to use. The best part is, you DO NOT need special software (except for a modern browser and tablet apps) or technical skills. Plus, our support team is only one click or tap away.


For a limited time your Premium membership is free for 90 days when you sign up. You will be provided with a promo code when you enter the sign-up process.

Please Contact us for more information or for a walk-through demo.

How do I get started with LiberCloud?

Sign up.

There are three plans: Basic, Premium for using LiberCloud in your classroom, and Enterprise for your entire school. For a limited time, Premium Membership is free for 90 days.

Basic, Premium, and school-wide plans

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Install the LiberCanvas app.

The LiberCanvas app lets you create unique interactive tutorials which you can upload to LiberCloud and share with students or other teachers. Available for iPad®, iPhone®, and Android® tablets.

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View LiberCloud Overview.

These short videos include how-to tutorials to get you started. View them online or download them to your tablet as an eBook to view it offline.

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