Terms of Use

Terms of Use and Conditions

LiberCloud's Goals

The Libercloud platform allows individuals, groups, and organizations create, share, collaborate, and publish multi-media interactive content through standard desktop browsers and tablets. Content can be distributed and accessed through the web or downloaded to mobile devices as eBooks. The goal is to foster collaboration, sharing, and re-use of content and knowledge in a way that benefits the common good and objectives of the social network, i.e. organization, in which member is registered with. The goal of LiberCloud is NOT to facilitate unauthorized copying and distribution of other's content. Unauthorized distribution of content is a violation of these terms of use and cause for a member account termination. These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") apply exclusively to your access and use of the LiberCloud platform and website and the interactions with other Members for searching, creating, posting, and sharing Content. As a Member of the LiberCloud web service and platform, you ("Member") are also agreeing to LiberCloud Copyright Policy.


You agree to the following:

  • You will use LiberCloud for non-commercial personal use only, or your organization’s internal business or educational use only.
  • You will use LiberCloud for its intended goal only, as stated above. Any other use is not permitted and you will be liable to the extent permitted by the law for any financial and non-financial harm you may cause to the LiberCloud company, its investors, your Organization, other LiberCloud members, or to the public at large.
  • You agree to LiberCloud Copyright Policy and that is that you retain ownership of content you create or upload and can choose to keep it private. If you publish or share your content, you either can claim ownership of the content or have the permission to publish from the original source. You will disclose the source of your content where applicable.
  • You agree to hold LiberCloud not responsible for any loss, unwanted harm, or damage incurred as the result of you using the website



LiberCloud Platform

The LiberCloud Platform, www.libercloud.net, is comprised of "Software" and "Content". The Software is the set of HTML pages, software code, database, and web services that work behind the scenes to render Content via the Web, store Member content, search the content, i.e. implement the Goals of LiberCloud and associated services. Content is all Member generated and consists of pages, briefcases, books, comments, ratings, annotations, photos, videos, tests, surveys, polls, canvases, profiles, sharing preferences.

Content: Private, Shared, and Public

Content, referred on LiberCloud as Library Assets, LiberPages, and LiberBooks are solely Members' provided. Content can be Private (to its author), Shared with a group or Organization, or Public. The author of the content determines if it's Private or Shared; Organization's Publisher users can publish content to the public, i.e. any LiberCloud visitor or member can access and view public content.

Visitors, Members and Organizations

Visitors of LiberCloud can search and view public content and, as opposed to Members, have no access to LiberCloud paid features (see below). Members are called Authors on LiberCloud because they author content. An Author is the Member actually entering the content, while the content’s Original Author, if different from Author, is the Member or non-Member whom the Author received or copied the document from.

Organizations are businesses or education institutions with a direct or indirect business relationship with LiberCloud and which use LiberCloud Platform and Services for their business.

Social Network

A Member's Social Network consists of the Organization and the Groups that a Member belongs to.

Comments and Ratings

Comments, or Public Comments, and Ratings expressed by Members on other Members' documents or books. Any submitted comment can be viewed by all other LiberCloud Members who have access to that content.

Intellectual Property Rights and Licenses to Content

LiberCloud's Intellectual Property Rights

The LiberCloud Platform is intellectual property of LiberCloud LLC. Giving you access to the LiberCloud Platform or Services does not give you any license to the LiberCloud Platform Software, our intellectual property, which might include patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights. Any rights not expressly granted in these Terms are reserved. Furthermore, page layouts, the LiberCloud Logo, graphics, icons, scripts, trademarks, cannot be copied or imitated without the written consent of LiberCloud.

Members' Content and Content Owners

LiberCloud does not claim any ownership rights in the content that Members provide. You, as the Author, own the Content you create and upload. After posting your Content, you continue to retain all ownership rights in such Content. However, we encourage sharing of Content as all LiberCloud Members benefit from a larger pool of documents and knowledge.

If you create content that you shared or published to the public and later choose to unpublish or unshare them, you agree to the terms of the Content Sharing section of the Copyright Policy.

You agree to comply with the license and restrictions applicable to each item of Content you post, copy, access, or use.

If you receive a copyright violation notice by a third party or by your Organization's Admin you agree to comply and resolve the matter according to the Copyright Policy's Member Interactions guidelines. As such, you agree to release LiberCloud, its officers, employees, investors, agents and successors from claims, demands and damages of every kind or nature arising out of or related to any disputes with other Members or third parties, and/or the LiberCloud Platform.

Non-personal use

A Business, Education, or Enterprise license subscription is required to use LiberCloud for groups bigger than 5 members. Any other use of Content sharing and collaboration is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of or license from LiberCloud.

Your Obligations to LiberCloud

Sponsor Ads and Display Ads along with your Content

As a Member of LiberCloud, you agree to let LiberCloud display sponsored messages along and on any and all your online content. Messages will be separated from the Content and presented as hyperlinks, clickable images, or short video clips. You agree to let LiberCloud display the messages wherever applicable, and at its sole discretion, for its obligations to third parties that are making their services available for free through LiberCloud or subsidizing your subscription costs. Messages could be served via an ad-server service like Google AdSense or LiberCloud own ad-server.

LiberCloud does not monitor nor does have control over any of the pages pointed by the ads, i.e. hyperlinks. LiberCloud does not endorse, sponsor, or adopt any of the products advertised, unless specifically says so, and can make no guarantee as to its accuracy or completeness. LiberCloud does not warrant the accuracy of any information contained on, and undertakes no responsibility to update or review, any of the ads displayed along your content. Members use these hyperlinks contained therein at their own risk.

You may report to LiberCloud any occurrence of deceiving hyperlinks, i.e. hyperlinks that point to pages with inappropriate content or content that has nothing to do with the intended meaning of the hyperlink, or phishing schemes.

Not Accepted Usage

Under these Terms you agree to create and upload only Content that is relevant to the LiberCloud Platform. Specific not accepted usage of LiberCloud is any Private or Public Content that:

  • Is unlawful, harmful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, invasive of other members or LiberCloud employees or LiberCloud Members
  • Is obscene, pornographic, offensive, hateful, abusive, and promote discrimination of any kind
  • Impersonates a LiberCloud employee or Member or falsely states or otherwise misrepresents affiliation with a person or entity
  • Posting personal information about other members or attempting to collect, solicit personal information from other members for unlawful purposes
  • Posting relevant or irrelevant Content, repeatedly, i.e. post the same or similar Content manually or automatically
  • Attempts to transmit or distribute junk email, unsolicited email, spamming, and "phishing"
  • Constitutes or contains any form of advertising or solicitation posted in Content, unless such advertisement is approved by LiberCloud in writing and it's clearly separated from Content.
  • Advertises any illegal services or the sale of any items
  • Contains software viruses or code in general, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment
  • Disrupts or otherwise negatively affects other Members' ability to use the LiberCloud Website
  • Uses automated means, including spiders, robots, crawlers, data mining tools, or the like to download data from the LiberCloud Website - except for Internet search engines (e.g. Google) and non-commercial public archives (e.g. archive.org), or "well-behaved" web services & RSS clients.
  • Attempts to gain unauthorized access to LiberCloud's computer systems or engage in any activity that disrupts, diminishes the quality of, interferes with the performance of, or impairs the functionality of, the LiberCloud Website
  • Attempts to transmit or distribute any potentially harmful programs such as Trojan horses, worms, viruses, spyware or any malicious software or code
  • Does not comply with LiberCloud Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy
  • You understand and agree that any or all of the above not accepted usage is a violation of these Terms and you will be liable to the extent permitted by the law for any financial and non-financial harm you may have caused.


Limits and Account Deactivations

Limits on Content

LiberCloud has established policies on maximum amount of cloud space and bandwidth for each of the subscriptions. Additional space may be purchased but in the event that the cloud space or bandwidth limits have been exceeded, LiberCloud may at its own discretion take any or all of these preventive measures: prevent a member or organization’s members to create new content, limit access to content during peak times, slow down the internet connection. Limits to uploaded media content for each of the subscription plans may be changed in the future at the sole LiberCloud's discretion. Any change will take effect upon the next subscription renewal date for paid subscriptions or immediately for free or evaluation subscriptions. LiberCloud reserves the right to deactivate Member accounts whose subscription has expired and that are inactive for more than 180 days.

Account Activation and Deactivation

These Terms commence upon your registration to LiberCloud and continues until terminated.

You may cancel your subscription or request to be cancelled at any time, for any reason. You understand that subscription fees for the duration of the subscription are not refundable, either paid by you for personal accounts or by your organization for business or education accounts.

LiberCloud will have no obligation to refund any fees paid for personal paid, business or education subscriptions, and will have no obligation to refund any fees for unused time on personal or organization's subscription.

LiberCloud also has the right (at its sole discretion) to delete or deactivate your account, block or otherwise terminate your access to or use of LiberCloud, or remove and discard any Content, without notice if we believe there has been a violation of these terms and/or for any reason we believe is beneficial to all members or to the company.

Upon deactivating your account, your access rights to LiberCloud will immediately cease to exist. The Content associated with your account will be deactivated; however, derived Content may remain on LiberCloud. For Content you wish to delete from LiberCloud, you can delete it by going to each page you've contributed. LiberCloud is not responsible for deleting Content on your behalf. Note that, even if Content is deleted from LiberCloud's active servers, it may remain in archives.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to update portions of this Terms at any time. The "last updated" date below reflects the last time the Terms were updated. These Terms will automatically terminate if LiberCloud decides, in its sole discretion, to discontinue the LiberCloud Platform and associated services.

Contacting LiberCloud

Members with questions about the LiberCloud Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy and any of the aforementioned statements may contact LiberCloud at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Last updated: August 2016