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Corporate training is vital, yet becomes more complex and more commoditized every day.  While new training methods, techniques and technologies are introduced constantly, corporate training managers aren’t convinced that their employees are fully engaged during training sessions or able to implement the information when they return to their jobs.  Trainers face a daunting task – trying to convey required information to busy students in a compelling, creative way, while juggling scheduling challenges and students who are jaded by dry PowerPoint presentations.

LiberCloud can help content developers and professional trainers overcome these challenges in four ways:

  • Content development and content reuse.  Using LiberCloud’s LiberCanvas, designing and developing curriculum is simple and interactive.  LiberCanvas simplifies content reuse and incorporates a wide range of content and media.

  • Training delivery.  Trainers can use LiberCloud in a number of training settings – live, instructor-led programs and packaged, self-service programs.  Content providers can package and license their material more easily, and ensure a more robust and engaging presentation, since LiberCloud supports mixed-media content and interactivity by the participants.  LiberCloud enables hybrid presentations, mixing both pre-recorded material with live content or animated content.
  • Training engagement.  LiberCloud offers tools and techniques that can make even dry PowerPoint training materials really pop for students.  LiberCloud and LiberCanvas offer a wide array of tools, including video, to augment traditional teaching styles, and to provide new material and new perspectives.  With LiberCloud’s interactive systems, students can annotate existing material or co-create new material or new insights with the instructor.  As engagement grows, deeper learning and better retention takes place.
  • Rapid assessment.  Even if the material and presentation is engaging, it can be difficult to understand if the participants fully grasp the material.  With LiberCloud’s rapid assessment capabilities, trainers can build quick assessments into the training curriculum to determine how well the material is understood and identify any gaps in presentation or comprehension.

There's one other really important benefit for trainers - and it's built right into our name.  LiberCloud "liberates" trainers and content creators by simplifying content repurposing and reuse, by facilitating a blended learning solution and through rapid assessments to ensure students comprehend the material.  As you publish your training content in LiberCloud, your content can reach more students in more locations on more platforms, extending your reach.

If you are a content provider, professional trainer or involved in training or educating corporate employees seeking to obtain certifications or certificates, LiberCloud would like to partner with you.  

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