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The competition for top talent is fierce.  Simply keeping your team up-to-date with the latest thinking, certifications and information is vital.  Identifying the best trainers and content, scheduling training sessions and ensuring your team members take and pass required certifications is difficult.  Finding training leaders, content and tools that really engage your employees is paramount. 

Training alternatives are full of contradictions.  Instructor-led training is the most engaging, but with busy schedules and time commitments, it's difficult to schedule and always expensive.  Webinars, remote courses or self-directed packaged training is less expensive and much more simple to schedule, but often fails to convey information effectively because it isn’t engaging.  What’s needed is a ‘best of both worlds” solution – training that’s compelling, engaging, interactive, available any time, in any training format, that encourages participation from the learner and increases retention.  Training based on LiberCloud provides these benefits.

Packaged or Customized

Whether you are in the market for a pre-packaged training program or want to develop your own internal training program, LiberCloud can help.  

If you are interested in developing new training for your organization, LiberCloud’s solutions can help you create interesting new training curriculum, help you reuse existing materials and create interactive training programs that can be delivered by an instructor or consumed in a self-paced program.  Regardless of the media or content, LiberCloud-enabled training is more engaging and more interactive than traditional PowerPoint or other LMS-enabled solutions.

Assessing training options

Your team will assess any training program on a handful of key criteria, including the content of the training and its applicability, the knowledge and reputation of the training developers, the engagement and interaction with students, the retention and application of the material, and the ability of the students to achieve certification or use the learning accordingly.  LiberCloud-enabled training addresses all of these key issues.

  • Content/Knowledge – Our partners are experts in their fields, or we can work with you on your internal, specific training needs.
  • Engagement/Interaction – LiberCloud-enabled training is far more engaging and interactive than traditional instructor-led training. LiberCloud actually invites the student to annotate while they learn, and to co-create with the instructor on the fly.
  • Retention/Implementation – LiberCloud-enabled training can result in higher material retention and higher test scores.

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