For Educators and Students

Finally an effective tool for Blended Learning programs

LiberCloud – For Educators and Students

LiberCloud is the only solution on the market that gives educators, teachers, professors, and content authors, more control over their lesson plans, with flexibility to make them interactive and engaging. LiberCloud's unique and modular content management approach gives educators flexibility to design structured coursework as well as impromptu material, unlike more traditional approaches. Whether you are a teacher wanting more control of your content and a richer communication experience with students, or a school administrator wanting to solve this problem organization-wide, LiberCloud is the most flexible and easiest solution to help you.

You can use LiberCloud to employ many of the new learning methodologies advocated by experts: Blended Learning, Differentiated Learning, and Active Learning techniques are easier to implement with LiberCloud because of its flexibility and ease of use.


How does LiberCloud facilitate Blended Learning?

What really sets the LiberCloud solution apart is the virtual animation studio that LiberCloud Canvas and its accompanying app, LiberCanvas, provide. LiberCanvas is an amazing app that lets you capture everything you write, draw or say, and then share your videos. You can use them in the classroom to capture your lessons, or offline to create tutorials to demonstrate concepts step-by-step. LiberCloud Canvas is the ideal tool for effective and practical blended learning.

Using basic drawing and writing frameworks, to sketch ideas, draw, or annotate web pages or PDF documents using verbal and visual cues, anyone can easily design and automate an entire lesson, including adding voiceovers or other audio. What’s more, educators can provide annotation and animation tools to their students, which allow the students to add more content or interact with their teachers about the material through their personal computing device.

Using LiberCloud Canvas with your front-room interactive whiteboard you can create planned or impromptu recordings during a class that you can then save and share with your students, peers, or the rest of the world for that matter.


How does LiberCloud support Differentiated Learning?

Creating new content in LiberCloud is amazingly easy, as is customizing content to meet different learning needs, learning styles, and readiness. No two students enter a classroom with identical abilities, experiences, and needs. LiberCloud allows teachers to present information and knowledge in a multimedia format that includes text, visuals, diagrams, videos, slideshows, and interactive tutorials for every learning style. LiberCloud allows the creation of multiple versions of the assembled content for individual students, groups of students, or classrooms.

Using LiberCloud, students can access and view lessons from anywhere and play back the interactive tutorials as often as needed. Teachers can also provide feedback to students through comments and annotations and provide individualized assignments and exercises, as extra challenges or to reinforce concepts. With its modular approach to assemble coursework, LiberCloud allows you to do all of these quickly by reusing material.

How does LiberCloud facilitate Active Learning?

The same LiberCloud tools and apps available to teachers are available to students as well. Teachers can assign homework or projects, and students can use the LiberCloud tools to complete their assignments or create their projects.

Because LiberCloud is so versatile and easy to use, students will find the group project experience much more rewarding. Each member of a group is able to contribute pieces of a project that are then combined together to create effective group presentations. Projects can even be published and distributed to a broader audience than the classroom which will also feed the desire for active participation.

As a way to keep track of assignments and tasks, LiberCloud allows students and teachers to plan the daily and weekly work, while giving them both a summary of all activities taking place in their teaching and learning social networks for further interaction and active learning opportunities.