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LiberCloud: Using LiberCloud Slideshows with PowerPoint in Instruction Materials

Many trainers, instructors and teachers use presentation software to deliver learning content, but its effectiveness is limited. The new system that LiberCloud is introducing transforms a slideshow delivery into a new more effective and efficient method for instructional content and for collaboration that engages the audience with interactive canvas slides and polls.

Presentation software allows anyone to illustrate concepts and topic overviews very quickly and simply. Microsoft® PowerPoint, Apple® Keynote, and Google® Slides are some of these popular software apps, with PowerPoint being the most common data format supported by all. In this paper, we briefly highlight the shortcomings of using existing presentation software for instruction materials and the benefits of using LiberCloud Slideshows integrated with PowerPoint Online.

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LiberCloud: The Best Of Both Worlds

The pace of change has accelerated and introduced new customers, new channels and new business models.  New technologies are emerging and changing the way business gets done.  In the midst of all this change, human resource executives and talent managers admit that their workforce simply doesn’t have the skills necessary to work effectively as technologies, customers and markets change.

For trainers and content developers, LiberCloud simplifies training content development, allowing trainers to share useful content, repurpose content and build assessments to gain insight into student comprehension.  LiberCloud enables a range of training delivery methods, allowing trainers and content developers to build fully self-paced programs delivered over the web, to blended training settings combining instructor-led training and integrated mixed media content, to traditional instructor-led classroom settings.  LiberCloud’s web technology means that students anywhere, in any location, on any web-enabled platform can access interesting, engaging material and collaborate with other students or the instructor.

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LiberCloud: Collaborating Real-time on Learning Content

Collaboration platforms have existed for years in two primary areas: to collaborate on content and to share presentations. The first is primarily used in content management systems, general purpose ones and those specific to learning, while the second is a function of web conferencing services. The two services serve the same audiences but rarely have intersected from a functional standpoint.

Here we want to make the case that the two could and should intersect, in particular in a modern learning environment where content is created by brainstorming, discussions, and assessments. The proposed integrated environment is a lightweight, cloud platform, based on the concepts of real-time collaboration on content and the “Virtual Whiteboard” that provides more flexibility, unleashes the attachment to any particular physical device, and is easy for anyone to use.

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LiberCloud: Improving Retention of Learning Content with Assessments FOR Learning

The analysis and recommendations in this paper take cue from the experience and lessons learned in the public education system that are driving policy and philosophical changes in assessments. However, it can apply to anyone involved in the delivery of education from public schools, to corporate training and skills development.

After an overview on how assessments policies have evolved, we describe the facets of a new cohesive learning and assessment system to help educators implement differentiated instruction with assessments for learning, not just for grading, ultimately to achieve the goal of making sure students actually learn what is being taught.

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