LiberCloud - Rapid Assessments

LiberCloud's My Tests component allows continuous formative assessments, evaluations, and polling of students and trainees. Frequent, rapid assessments help teachers and instructors ensure that the material is clearly understood and that learners can place the material in context quickly and effectively.

My Tests includes sophisticated features typically found in higher-end testing platforms.  The assessment component employs multiple algorithms, trend lines, and statistics to allow instructors to assess learners’ progress through a particular subject or in a given period.  Since the rapid assessment functionality is fully integrated with LiberCloud’s content platform,  instructors and teachers can quickly assess progress using all the unique features of LiberCloud, including the interactivity of LiberCanvas.

In the same way that LiberCloud encourages re-use and repurposing of existing content, the rapid assessment component allows evaluation templates to be shared among teachers in whole or in part.



Summative Assessments

LiberCloud's My Tests built-in application can be used for summative testing as well, therefore eliminating the need to use different tools. Summative assessments are typically graded activities and are conducted at the end of predefined learning paths. These are “assessments of learning”, learning that has already occurred, as opposed to formative assessments that you use for learning and are not graded. Summative assessments are what learners have been accustomed to for decades and serve as an evaluation of students’ learning at the end of a period, i.e. the mid-term, the final, or a certification test.  Test results can be exported into an external grade book as well.

LiberTest - Mobile App coming soon

LiberTest is a new accompanying mobile app for Android and iOS (currently in beta). The goal is to provide the MyTests features for offline productivity, like creating new test templates and evaluating tests offline.