Blended Learning

LiberCloud Canvas - A tool for Blended Learning

What really sets the LiberCloud content platform apart is the LiberCloud Canvas application and canvas asset type. It serves multiple purposes: as a drawing canvas to create drawings and diagrams, as a virtual animation studio, and as a virtual whiteboard to collaborate in real-time with other teachers or students.

You can use LiberCloud Canvas to simply sketch ideas, draw, or annotate web pages or PDF documents using verbal and visual cues.

In explaining a concept you can capture everything you write, draw or say, which can then be played like a video. Used in this fashion, LiberCloud Canvas is ideal for creating tutorials to demonstrate concepts step-by-step.

Used as a virtual whiteboard, LiberCloud Canvas gives even more substance to the concept of blended learning. The Virtual Whiteboard concept is note per se new; what's new is LiberCloud's implementation with two important benefits.

As a teacher or instructor coaching and leading a classroom in learning new topics, you separate the class into workgroups to create a more conducive collaborative environment that better suits the mix of students you have in the classrooms. With leaders and followers, vocal students and more timid ones, small workgroups just work better. LiberCloud's virtual whiteboard implementation suits this particular scenario very well, where you as an educator can go behind the scenes and watch multiple workgroups collaborate on how they expand a creative idea or solve a problem together using the natural environment of LiberCloud Canvas. You can even intervene if you feel like a workgroup is going down the wrong path or make a suggestion on how to get a workgroup unstuck. This is not only a great-time saver but makes you more effective.

Another benefit derived from LiberCloud's approach is that workgroup brainstorming sessions can be recorded and saved. Thus, they can then be used as content for subsequent workgroup sessions or for other related learning content.

Using LiberCloud Canvas' drawing and writing capabilities, anyone can easily design and automate an entire lesson, including adding voiceovers or other audio.  What’s more, teachers and instructors can provide annotation and animation tools to their students, which allow the students to add more content or interact with the instructor about the material through their personal computing device. 


LiberCanvas - Start Using The App Today!

LiberCanvas is the companion app for mobile devices. It lets you create unique interactive tutorials or diagrams which you can upload to LiberCloud and share with students or other teachers. Available for iPad®, iPhone®, and Android® tablets.