Adaptive Learning

LiberCloud - Adaptive Learning

From a learner's perspective, LiberCloud creates an adaptive learning environment.  Traditional training environments are based on the educator and the content, which is relatively fixed and allows little room for improvisation or feedback.  LiberCloud changes the dynamic in three important ways to make the learning environment more adaptive to the learner:

  1. The LiberCloud collaborative content creation platform enables the learner to annotate content and interact with the teacher or instructor, and even co-create content with them, creating a far more engaging and stimulating education environment for students.
  2. LiberCloud Canvas allows students to interact in real time with the teacher, creating an even more exciting and personalized experience.
  3. The rapid assessment tools in LiberCloud coupled with the ability to easily create derived content and lessons allow the educator to tailor the teaching and adapt to each student's learning pace. 

These features in combination make LiberCloud a much more compelling, collaborative experience and lead to more adaptive learning.