Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy on Content


Organization is an entity with a direct or indirect business relationship with LiberCloud and using the LiberCloud platform to generate, publish, and share Content.

Users or Members belong to a specific Organization. Users can sign-up themselves or alternatively an Organization Administrator can register members for an organization

Authors are members that create and publish content using the LiberCloud platform.

Publishers are members that can publish content to the public (public content) on behalf of the Organization they belong to. All Organizations on LiberCloud have access to public content.

LiberCloud is the default Organization for users who do not belong to any other Organization on LiberCloud. Self-registered members belong to the LiberCloud Organization, if a specific organization is not specified during sign-up.

Content means LiberPages, LiberBooks, eBooks, Slideshows, multi-media assets, interactive assets, or other types that we may define in the future.

Access fees: Organizations on LiberCloud determine if its authors and publishers can request a donation to or an access fee from other Organization's members, when content is designated as Public.


You, as the Author, and your Organization, own the Content you create and upload. After posting your Content, you continue to retain all ownership rights in such Content. LiberCloud does not claim any ownership rights in the content Members create or upload.

By designating Content as Public, or sharing content with all members of your Organization, you agree to this Copyright Policy and to the Content Sharing guidelines that follow.

Provided that Content you create on your own is yours, specifically LiberPages, LiberBooks, photos, videos, and posted comments, and therefore you have the rights to grant the licenses under the LiberCloudTerms & Conditions. However, if Content you post is not created by you, you agree not to publish any Content for which you don't have sufficient rights to grant the licenses specified in the LiberCloud Terms & Conditions. Among other things, this means that you may not include Content from third parties that is subject to license terms that are incompatible with the licenses you grant under the LiberCloud Terms. Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party, or Content that you do not have a right to make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships.

LiberCloud will terminate accounts of Members with repeat offenses or repeat false claims.

Content Sharing Guidelines

a) When you share content with other members, the Organization you belong to may grant other members the right to view and incorporate your content within theirs; for example, incorporate your documents in any one of their Books. Your name will appear as one of the authors in their book's Introduction page.

b) Additionally, your Organization may grant a nonexclusive license to other members to create derivative Content from your Content, and then share such derived Content. Libercloud recommends that all derived work includes a credit of the original author.

Public Content for which a member paid an access fee for to gain access to, or derived content, will continue to be available to member even if such public Content is retracted as private at a future date.

If you create LiberPages with assets designated as Private and choose to include them in shared LiberBooks, and provided that your Organization policy allows it, you grant all other Members with access to the shared LiberBooks a nonexclusive license to view such private LiberPages. If you share a LiberPage with other members or public, for a fee or for free, and your LiberPage is included in other member's LiberBooks, you grant all members who have included your LiberPage in their LiberBooks a nonexclusive perpetual license to use your LiberPage in their conent even if such public or shared LiberPage is retracted as private at a future date. LiberCloud encourages sharing of Content as all members benefit from a larger pool of content and knowledge.

Copyright Disputes and Members Interaction

You agree to comply with the license and restrictions applicable to each item of Content you post, copy, access, or use.

Because LiberCloud does not control such Content, you agree that LiberCloud is not responsible for any such Content. You agree that LiberCloud is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as the result of you publishing or uploading Content or with respect to any other Member's use of your content.

You, as a Member, agree to promptly address any copyright violation notice (including any notices forwarded to you by LiberCloud Admin or your Organization Admin) that specified Content provided by you infringes that third party's copyrights. If you do not promptly unpublish the Content specified in the notice or acquire a license to publish such Content, LiberCloud may remove the Content without any liability to you.

If there is a dispute between you and any third party (non-LiberCloud Member), LiberCloud is under no obligation to become involved. If LiberCloud receives a notification from the third party that you, the Member, have violated their rights, we will contact you and ask to remove, unshare, or unpublish the disputed Content. You have the right to dispute the allegations directly with the third party. However, may choose to disable public access to the disputed content until matter is resolved between you, the Member, and the third party.

Last updated: August 2016