LiberCloud was formed in 2013 by Felice Curcelli and Sergio Venturino as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to improve the development and delivery of corporate and educational training.  Felice and Sergio drew on years of educational and training experience to improve the experience of two key participants in the training activity:  the content developer and trainer, and the individual responsible for learning the material.  LiberCloud provides features that fully engage both the instructor and the learner, which results in better content, better training, more engagement during the training delivery and higher comprehension and retention.

Felice and Sergio understood a powerful contradiction:  instructor-led training is often more engaging but is expensive and difficult to schedule, while self-paced or self-directed training is more accessible but can be less engaging and less valuable.  LiberCloud provides a “best of both worlds” solution, providing interactive, engaging training platforms that can be used in either setting.

LiberCloud has its US headquarters in Saratoga, California and its European operations are based in London.


Our mission

LiberCloud's mission is to completely rethink the way corporate and educational training is conducted, by engaging and empowering the two groups that matter most:  the content developers and professional trainers responsible for developing and delivering content, and the students and learners responsible for gaining knowledge and demonstrating their comprehension.  LiberCloud disrupts existing training delivery and content management solutions by combining the best of instructor-led engagement, blended learning, and new interactivity between the instructor and the student.  LiberCloud's solution enables and liberates training instructors and engages students in a completely new way. 


Our guiding principles

  • Change the nature of corporate and educational training by increasing engagement and interactivity.
  • Provide a "best of both worlds" solution that incorporates the energy and engagement of instructor-led training with the power of a blended learning. environment and the option for students to co-create with the instructor.
  • Allow content managers and training facilitators to develop new means to develop, package and deliver their proprietary content.
  • Liberate trainers and content managers to enable completely new interaction and collaboration with students.



Felice Curcelli is an IT Executive expert in cloud and mobile computing and a pioneer of Software-as-a-Service. After years with corporations in various management roles, Felice has recently been designing platforms and technology for new startups. He co-founded LiberCloud to revolutionize how teachers and students communicate for richer and more engaging learning experiences. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Bari, in Computer Science, and soon after moved to Silicon Valley where he has worked and lived since the early 80s.


Sergio Venturino is an IT and Sales Executive expert in the education market and was a teacher and school administrator for over 15 years. He also co-founded Know K., a company devoted to ICT and Network Management training, and under his leadership, the company was awarded "Best ICT Company in Education" in Italy in 2013. Sergio started his career at Olivetti Spa as software developer, ICT consultant and later becoming a sales executive. Sergio graduated from the University of Bari, in Computer Science.