How we got started

LiberCloud was founded in 2013 as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to improve the development and delivery of training material and coursework. We initially focused on eBook publishing services for teachers and content authors allowing them to create and publish interactive multimedia eBooks from their coursework. Most of the eBooks back then were relatively static in nature and provided nothing more than an electronic version of the paper-based course books.

We eventually realized that a related but more pressing issue facing educators was the inflexibility of courseware and books which prevented them from adopting new teaching strategies to reduce the skill gaps in the workforce and knowledge gaps in education. They could have done so but the time, effort, and in some cases the personal out-of-pocket costs required were unrealistic. This realization led us to pivot to providing tools that reduced the time to create and manage courseware so educators, trainers, and other vested people could spend more time with students.

Today LiberCloud is a learning content management and collaboration platform that simplifies the management of coursework and the interactions between educators and students. It provides a “best of both worlds” solution, providing an interactive, engaging training platform that can be used for instructor-led training in a classroom setting as well as for a self-paced or self-directed training. It includes features that fully engage learners, which leads to higher comprehension and retention.

Our Solution

  • Providing educators with a simple-to-use platform to implement blended learning strategies to increase student engagement and assimilation of content.
  • Reducing the time and effort for teachers to author or work on coursework, to spend more time with students.
  • Liberating educators to enable entirely new interactions and collaboration with students.

What's in a Name

Liber is a Latin word that has two meanings: book and freedom. At LiberCloud we’re attempting to solve a ‘book’ problem, as books alone have been proven to be not fully effective at improving the education of all students. Our goal is also to give educators a flexible platform that liberates them from any constraints. Our logo epitomizes both aspects: the flying bird signifies freedom, its wings cleverly designed to evoke a book!


Felice Curcelli co-founded LiberCloud after many years helping companies leverage the power of the Internet to improve business processes, A pioneer of Software-as-a-Service and expert in cloud computing, he has held management roles at large corporations and most recently had been designing software platforms and technology for new startups. He co-founded LiberCloud to revolutionize how teachers and students communicate and to enable richer and more engaging learning experiences. He has bootstrapped the company operations from zero and has been leading the design and implementation of the platform features and the management of the global SaaS infrastructure since the inception of the startup.

Felice graduated summa cum laude from the University of Bari, with a Master degree in Computer Science, and soon after moved to Silicon Valley where he has worked and lived since the 80s.

LiberCloud is in Saratoga, in the San Francisco Bay Area.