Rapid Assessments and Tests

LiberCloud - Assessments

Gathering feedback is an essential part of adapting the delivery of training or personalize coursework. LiberCloud offers a suite of assessment tools seamlessly integrated into the platform making it enormously easy for instructors to use coursework material in assessments and surveys, and conversely use surveys and assessments in coursework.


In line with LiberCloud’s content architecture philosophy of allowing content reuse, an Assessment object can also be reused and shared with other users. LiberCloud differentiates between assessment templates and instances. Templates can be shared and reused. Instead, assessment instances are the actual tests or surveys assigned to participants.

Questions and questions bank

Templates include a set of open and closed questions. Assignment of a test is the process of selecting participants and setting time constraints. This, in turn, creates the actual creation of surveys or tests from a template. The process allows you to use the same template multiple times for different groups of participants, and over the course of time for the same group. Example: before, during or after a lecture or exercise. A template can include different open and closed-ended questions: multiple-choice, true/false and single choice, associative and fill-in-the-blank, open essays and open canvas questions. Assessments can be embedded in a LiberPage or assigned separately.

All questions in a template become part of the questions bank. As such, every time you create a new template you can reuse questions from the questions bank. Another big time saver!


My Tests container views

For instructors: My Tests view lists all test, poll, and survey templates, as well as pending tests you have assigned, and completed tests. As a teacher, you also have the option of assigning graded tests for summative assessments, i.e., that count toward the student grades, and non-graded tests, which, like polls and surveys, are not counted toward the grade.

For students: My Tests includes all pending tests to take as well as ones completed. As a student, you can only create polls and surveys. (Students cannot create test templates)

Rapid assessments

Rapid assessments consist of continuous formative assessments, evaluations, and polling of students. Frequent, rapid assessments help instructors ensure that the material is understood and that learners can place the material in context quickly and effectively. The assessment component provides trend lines and statistics to allow instructors to assess learners’ progress of a particular subject or in a given period.

Summative assessments

Summative assessments are typically graded activities and conducted at the end of predefined learning paths, mid-terms, finals, or certification tests. These are “assessments of learning”; in other words, learning that has already occurred. The assessment component provides multiple algorithms to allow instructors “curve” and override the test results.

Exporting assessment data to an LMS or grade book

The assessment data you gather lives on the LiberCloud platform you use for other coursework. Trend reports and student grades are computed automatically based on your grade scales, or you can export the assessment data to your favorite grade book or LMS. LiberCloud can integrate with any LMS or grade book.

LiberTest - Mobile App coming soon

LiberTest is a new accompanying mobile app for Android and iOS (currently in beta). The goal is to provide the MyTests features for offline productivity, allowing the creation of new test templates and evaluation of tests offline.