Collaborate on Canvas

LiberCloud Canvas - A tool for Blended Learning

What sets the LiberCloud content platform apart from other systems is the LiberCloud Canvas application. It serves multiple purposes:

  1. A drawing canvas where you create sketches and diagrams on any web-connected device or handwrite on a tablet or stylus-enabled device
  2. An annotation tool to annotate web pages or PDF documents using verbal and visual cues
  3. A virtual animation studio to explain a concept step-by-step
  4. A virtual whiteboard to collaborate with students or other teachers to brainstorm an idea or topic in real-time.

Virtual Animation Studio

When using the LiberCloud Canvas as a virtual animation studio to explain a concept, it is simple to record everything you write, draw or say, and then save the session as a canvas asset to play back later.

Virtual Whiteboard

Used as a virtual whiteboard, LiberCloud Canvas gives more substance to blended learning techniques.

When you share a canvas with another student or group of students, the system notifies them instantly with a link to the Canvas app. In real-time they see on their devices what you've drawn or are drawing or writing on your canvas. You can initiate this from a tablet or the classroom's Internet-connected interactive whiteboard.

Imagine you have a question from a student after class that cannot be quickly answered and requires you to ‘show’ her something. You initiate a Canvas session, invite the student, and in a few seconds, you’re both in the same workspace at the same time. You can add pictures, or web captures into the canvas, and she will see everything you see or do. The two of you can be on different continents and still share information in real time.

There are other significant benefits of LiberCloud's implementation of a virtual whiteboard:

Real-time co-editing on same canvas with multiple writers

In sharing the canvas with other students, you can grant 'write' access to some or everyone, regardless of location. All users with write access can write on Canvas at the same time, with everyone seeing others' writings as well. There is no limit on the number of writers.

Recording and saving the virtual whiteboard session

The instructor can set the Canvas in record mode and save the brainstorming session as a canvas asset to include in a LiberPage. By sharing the canvas asset or the LiberPage you then allow anyone you grant access to the ability to play back the brainstorming session and add comments. The canvas asset can also subsequently be used for other workgroup sessions or other related learning content.

Working with multiple workgroups, multiple real-time whiteboard sessions

As a teacher or instructor leading a classroom, you often separate a class into workgroups to create a more conducive collaborative environment that better suits the mix of students you have in the classrooms. Using this scenario, you can initiate multiple canvases and invite a different workgroup to each one with write access to their canvas.

Now you can go behind the scenes and, by switching from canvas to canvas, watch the workgroups collaborate on how they expand a creative idea or solve a problem together using the natural environment of the virtual whiteboard. You can even intervene if you feel like a workgroup is going down the wrong path or make a suggestion on how to get a workgroup unstuck.


LiberCanvas - Start Using The App Today!

LiberCanvas is the companion app for mobile devices. It lets you create unique interactive tutorials or diagrams which you can upload to LiberCloud and share with students or other teachers. Available for iPad®, iPhone®, and Android® tablets.