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Subscription Plans and Monthly Pricing

Get started with the Basic plan right away, no credit card is needed, or sign up for the Plus or Premium plans.
For enterprise-level plans, please contact us.


Detailed Features List Basic 

per user*

per user*
Basic PLUS 

per user*
Premium Plus 

per user*
Enterprise Plus
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Create LiberPages (up to 5) (unlimited) (up to 5) (unlimited) (unlimited)
Create LiberBooks one (unlimited) one (unlimited) (unlimited)
Create Canvas and Slideshows (up to 5) (unlimited) (up to 5) (unlimited) (unlimited)
My Briefcase yes yes yes yes yes
Space for multi-media assets** 100 MB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1GB
Share content with other users (up to 10) (unlimited) (up to 10) (unlimited) (unlimited)
Collaborate real-time on content yes yes yes yes yes
Create Groups no yes yes yes yes
Secure Live Chat no yes no yes yes
Send real-time polls and surveys (up to 10) (up to 10) (unlimited) (unlimited) (unlimited)
Re-use questions from prior surveys yes yes yes yes yes
Use LiberCloud content & interactive media assets in questions yes yes yes yes yes
Take assessments and tests (up to 10) yes yes yes yes
Send assessments and tests (6 question types)*** no no yes yes yes
Real-time students progress and trend reports no no yes yes yes
Five different scoring and grading formulas no no yes yes yes
Share tests and survey templates with other users no no yes yes yes
Export test and polls results no no yes yes yes
Virtual Whiteboards no no yes yes yes
Your own Social Network no no no no yes
Custom branding and manage own organization no no no no yes
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* Listed price is the monthly cost based on an annual subscription. The cost is 25% higher with month-by-month subscriptions.
** Other storage plans are available for an additional monthly fee.
*** You can upgrade from Basic to Premium or to Plus plans. Volume and Educational discounts available for Enterprise plans (a minimum of 50 users is required).