Bring Freedom to Learning

LiberCloud lets educators break free from inflexible learning systems to bridge skills and knowledge gaps and increase students' retention of learning content.

LiberCloud gives educators and trainers control over lesson plans and methods with a modular content management platform that saves them time and gives flexibility to collaboratively create structured courses, incorporate impromptu material in coursework, and engage students.

Engage students with a simple, collaborative, and flexible content platform!

Save time in managing coursework to spend more teaching time with students

Simplicity is the mantra on which we built the platform. LiberCloud is designed to save educators’ time managing coursework, tracking assignments and to devote more time to helping students learn and assimilate content.

Designed for flexibility and content reuse, instructors can author multimedia web pages from scratch or upload existing documents, and within minutes create lectures, slideshows, lesson plans, and course books by aggregating assets, documents, web pages, and assessments. This eliminates time and space wasted in duplicating content or syncing repositories of poorly integrated apps.

Help students learn critical thinking

Reusing digital assets in different lessons or contexts extends to incorporating, for example, a video or a recorded lecture in a test for students to apply the concepts learned in the lecture and practice critical thinking. Allowing students to incorporate instructor’s assets in their projects saves them time in creating derived or consequential work plus encourages critical thinking vs rote learning.

Capture those impromptu explanations

Using LiberCloud’s real-time and time-shifted collaboration, instructors can address questions and facilitate students helping each other which leads to better assimilation of coursework.

With the ability for instructors to capture and embed in coursework impromptu explanations, as well as prepared lectures, LiberCloud delivers engaging content that is accessible to students at their own pace, or ‘learn before the lecture.’

Save significant time when your content is in one place

LiberCloud's cohesive platform enables instructors to collect lectures, documents, tests, impromptu material, links to other websites, etc. in one place for easy tracking, updating, and access. LiberCloud provides smart filtering and full-text search to find content quickly resulting in significant time savings in the management of coursework and collaborating with students.

With LiberCloud you engage students which leads to higher retention, increased certification, and higher grades.


LiberCloud Platform Features

Collaborate on Content

LiberCloud creates new interactions between educators and students. Teachers can co-create lessons and plans. Learners can annotate teacher content and co-edit projects.

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Collaborate on Canvas

LiberCloud provides a free-form canvas app for real-time or time-shifted collaboration. Plus record sessions to play back later. Canvas is the perfect tool for Blended Learning.

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Rapid Assessments and Tests

Instructors can use LiberCloud's rapid assessment capabilities in real-time to ensure learners are assimilating the material during the class and use summative assessments after the class.

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Library, Search, and Briefcase

Reusability, Canvas, and Assessments combine to form a productivity toolbox enabling success in sharing knowledge and cognitive thinking. Library and Briefcase help you stay organized.

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