Bring Freedom to Learning

LiberCloud® helps educators and their organizations break free from the constraints of traditional training and learning technology to bridge skills and knowledge gaps and ultimately increase students' success. LiberCloud’s platform provides a powerful way for content authors, instructors, and teachers to collaboratively create and deliver engaging blended learning and personalized content.

With its unique collaborative content creation and delivery platform, LiberCloud helps deliver high value, engaging content for more effective learning programs.

Flexible and collaborative training that engages…educators and students.

In most corporate training, certification programs, online courses, or teacher-led classrooms, keeping students engaged can be challenging. It’s difficult to really engage. That’s why training and learning enabled by LiberCloud® is so different. LiberCloud provides compelling, interactive features which engage the audience leading to higher retention, improved implementation, increased certification, and higher grades.


LiberCloud Platform Features

Collaborate On Content

LiberCloud creates new interactions between educators and learners. Teachers can co-create lessons and plans. Learners can annotate teachers' content and collaborate on projects.

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Blended Learning

LiberCloud provides a "best of both worlds" solution - combining the interactivity of educator-led instruction with the depth and self-pacing of an online course or packaged training program.

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Rapid Assessment

Teachers and instructors can use LiberCloud's rapid assessment capabilities with easy and powerful features to ensure learners are comprehending the material in real-time.

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Adaptive Learning

LiberCloud's blended learning and assessments features combine for a more engaging learning experience and give educators the tools to adapt learning to the individual student.

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