My Libercloud

Cloud-based Collaboration & Content Management
for Teachers and Students

LiberCloud's Distinguishing Features

LiberCloud's cloud-based service is offered to individual teachers and authors, or entire schools. The greatest benefit is the simplicity in creating and assembling multimedia and interactive lesson plans, and the ability to share, re-use and customize them.

LiberCloud was designed from the ground up for flexibility, ease of use, and simplicity in facilitating the workflow between teachers and students.

Our cloud-based set of tools and apps help teachers design innovative class materials and exercises for students. Teachers can even customize coursework based on the educational needs of each student.

Through LiberCloud, teachers can create interactive online books called LiberBooks. Each page in the LiberBook, called a LiberPage, is an assembly of text, videos, images, and interactive elements. Giving teachers the ability to create or assemble multimedia and interactive elements on their own allows them to meet the needs of different types of learners - visual, auditory or kinesthetic - much more effectively.

LiberBooks can be shared with fellow teachers to collaborate on collective learning experiences to create the perfect learning package. LiberBooks and LiberPages can be shared with students and teachers and can be subsequently customized to each classroom's needs.

Students can use LiberCloud tools and apps as well to view the lessons, tutorials, and assignments, and to work on individual or group projects. The benefit to students is to have access to the lessons at any time, be able to learn at their own pace, and work on projects on-line with other students.

Both teachers and students stay organized because the assigned and completed coursework and to-do lists are collected in their respective online briefcase.

As Simple as 1-2-3

Using LiberCloud to create a lesson is as easy as 1-2-3. Begin by creating sections of your lesson plans - these can consist of text, image, video, slideshow, and even interactive Canvas sections. Canvases are blank pages where you can draw, handwrite, color, move, resize, rotate or overlay shapes and images, and record and save step-by-step animations. And you can do all of this while recording your own voice.

Then place your multimedia and interactive Canvas sections onto LiberPages. The LiberPage Editor allows you to insert or create your multimedia and canvas sections onto pages. Each LiberPage has a title, description and you can categorize it by subject so you can easily find and sort them – and because a LiberPage can be assembled with varied assets, it can be used in various ways - for a lecture, for an exercise, or as a tutorial.

Then combine your LiberPages to make a LiberBook. The LiberBook editor allows you to create unique online books complete with full cover, title, introduction, and the Table of Contents created for you. You can use LiberBooks to collect lectures on a particular topic or exercises for students to follow or complete. You can even export your LiberBooks as eBooks to download to your iPad to read offline.

All components that you create using LiberCloud are shareable. That means you can send one of your sections to a fellow teacher for use in his lesson plan and likewise you can receive a specialized section that another teacher has created for use in your own classroom. You can even modify it with your own personal touches!

Your tablet as the recording studio

As teachers, whether you are explaining a math formula, a scientific theory, a historical abstract or an English term to a student or a classroom, you often begin walking through the formula or theory or abstract step by step. Through your insights, both verbal and visual cues, your students are better able to follow your explanation. These are the moments when you wished you could record everything to use again in the future.

The LiberCanvas app you allows you to capture these moments. The app is like a recording studio that requires nothing more than your tablet. And because LiberCanvas is connected to LiberCloud, you can share these moments with your students and fellow teachers. Watch the following video to understand more.

Working online and offline

A unique feature of LiberCloud is that it allows teachers and students to work both online and offline, so you can work in places that have poor internet access. LiberCloud apps, such as LiberCanvas, let you view, create and edit content offline. Once you're done, and have internet connectivity, you can simply upload your changes to LiberCloud and share the edits with whomever you choose.